Our vision is to grow our business providing a high-quality service to customers in both the Marine and Construction sectors.  We are committed to always operating in a safe and environmentally sensitive fashion.

Our objective is to provide long-term growth and profitable trading whilst expanding and continually upgrading the knowledge base of our organisation.  These objectives allow us to provide added-value and first-class service to our customers. 

We will always seek to exceed the expectations of our customers and we will strive to be a market leader in all of our operations in terms of safety and quality of operations.

We will respect all local communities and regions that we operate in and value local relationships and maximising local content


We will be honest and plain-spoken in all our relationships and transactions

We will provide a safe and environmentally sound service to all our customers

We will be respectful and attentive to the values of all our clients

We will understand our customers requirements by building long-term collaborative relationships

We will provide safe and proactive solutions that deliver beyond expectations

We will conduct our business in a way that strengthens relationships, builds trust and respect, whilst creating benefit for all parties.


Our business is committed to providing all our Customers with Services that consistently exceed their expectations in relation to Quality, Safety, Reliability and Customer Service.

Think and operate sustainably with a goal of minimal environmental impact

We will always employ well trained and well motivated personnel who are dedicated to the well-being of those we support.

Provide a respectful and supportive workplace that embraces diversity

We are totally committed to achieving the highest Management standards with particular emphasis placed upon safety, safe working practices, protection of the environment and continuous improvement of the skills of all personnel.


Zero Incidents, Injuries, Property Damage, Spills

Maintain a First-Class Safety culture throughout our business

Continual Reduction of Environmental Impact year on year 

No Blame Culture – Open Management