Neacreath as Shipowner/Operators can offer a complete package for your project covering the pre-planning, risk evaluation, vessel selection and design through to full vessel operations. The Neacreath Team has over 40 years experience in vessel operations in the most challenging environments worldwide. Having worked on large construction projects we have gained a huge amount of experience dealing with clients, regulatory bodies and local stakeholders to ensure a smoothly run project from start to finish.
Joint ventures has been an important part of our business model as by working closely with the other partners allows for the best possible to team to be formulated. Often, a lasting legacy is provided at the end of the project thereby benefiting the local economy and creating maximum local employment opportunities
By offering the complete package this allows the main contractors to focus on the project while we take the marine element from vessels to crewing to operating at the  highest standards and make sure the project runs to time as well as ensuring safety is to the highest possible standards throughout.


Our project work focuses in niche markets of the marine logistics industry. Our team have a strong and successful history in the following sectors:

•    Project management
•    Vessel design and construction
•    Vessel Mobilisation and delivery
•    Crew transportation services
•    Crew Management
•    Technical & Commercial Management
•    Vessel Operations
•    Platform Supply Services
•    Harbour and Terminal towage Services
•    Open sea Towage Services

Our passion for innovation and insights gained from collaborations, across clients, contribute to generating effective solutions and transforming the future of our Neacreath’s ability to innovate and always try to be in the forefront of marine logistics development.

Neacreath has been involved in a number of projects where we provided the knowledge and expertise to design, build and operate the vessels on complex construction projects with the lasting project legacy being the creation of local employment and training through to the transfer of experience and assets at the project completion

With the ability to draw on our partners wealth of multi-disciplinary expertise we can help with every stage in planning, developing and managing your projects, large and small.

The Neacreath team completed a large number of offshore construction projects internationally in particular the Kashagan Offshore Island building complex in Kazakhstan which entailed moving over 200 million tonnes rock and aggregate using a variety of self-propelled cargo vessels as well as tugs and barges and the team are highly experienced in this type of operation in challenging environmentally sensitive areas